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Two other samples... I'm trying to stay away from the obvious songs...

I like the first one. Not an easy song to build a drum part on, and I think he made a fine effort. I like the cross-stick portion, and he introduces a good groove at 0.50s, nice hi-hat/snare combination. A good fit.

He sorts of recycle that same groove idea on sample 2. There was a previous comment in the thread mentionning that he sometimes seems to play by himself, not listening to the tune. I think it is pretty much one of these here. Doesn't blend very well in my opinion, and draws too much attention to him.

He often comes up with great stuff, and not being a very fast drummer, I admire his ability to play along all the fast tempo stuff. Among punk-rock drummers, I think he stands very well. But you'll NEVER catch one of the many great studio players sounding so out-of-place in a song as he does in sample 2.
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