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Default Hi All...thanks for accepting me into your forum

I am 38 years old, from Vancouver, Canada. Been drumming since I was about 20. Got a late start at it, but didn't always know I wanted to be a drummer. Back when I was 20, I saw a drum clinic in town with Dom Famularo and a local drum teacher and was blown away. I went out and bought a cheap kit that weekend, signed up for drum lessons with that teacher and never looked back since. The good thing was that my teacher taught proper technique and had tons of chops in many genres so I learned a lot during my formative years.

Lately, I have been practicing a lot (for me that's about 15 hours a week), trying to improve my technique, improvisation and jazz playing. Been studying Gary Chaffee's books which are amazing. Found out about them because of my favorite drummer, Vinnie Colaiuta.

I would say I'm most drawn to funk,r&b,soul,fusion,jazz music, but I have played in rock cover bands for years. Trying to shift away from that now so I've been listening and playing as much as possible, and now joining this forum which seems like there are so many great drummers that belong to it.

I look forward to learning, contributing and sharing with all of you.


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