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Default Roland TD-11 module questions

Hey everyone,

I have decided to get an electric kit for a few reasons, none of which are really important or relevant to my questions here. Anyway, I had some questions about the Roland TD-11 sound module that I can't seem to find the answer to anywhere online. First, does anybody know of a good review anywhere? I'm having trouble on Google finding anything that isn't the manufacturer description on websites that are selling it. Doesn't matter if its just the module or if its the kit too, I'm just looking for anything that might be able to help me out.
Next, for anybody who had the kit/module, do you know if it's possible to load samples onto the module from USB? As in, I was thinking of tuning a sample kit from superior drummer and exporting the sound files onto a USB drive, then plugging it into the TD-11. Is that even possible/plausible? I know it has connections for USB so even if I can't do this, I'm fairly certain (from what i've read) that I can connect the module to my computer and use it with a DAW to get exactly the sounds I want.
My last question is sort of an extension of what I was just previously talking about. I read somewhere that when you use the quick record function on the module that it records everything you play in midi format and stores it on the USB drive. If this is true, is it then possible to record something on the kit, then plug the USB drive into your computer and import the newly-created MIDI file into a DAW with all of the sounds I want? I apologize that this is a lot of speculation, I just haven't found much anywhere that gives me the answers im looking for.

Thanks in advance,
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