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Default Re: New audio equipment arrived, almost ready to record.

Originally Posted by Retrovertigo View Post
I would also consider using that 57 you have on the hats as a room mic. Not that a 57 is a rad room mic, it's just that I think you'll get more mileage from it as a room mic. It's a much needed glue to get the drums to sound like a cohesive unit. Enjoy man. It's a lot of fun.
I appreciate the advise. I did make a few changes. I took the 57 off the hats and put it on as a bottom snare mic. I'm using Presonus Studio One 2 and they have a great quick and easy tool called Mix Tool for phasing. This improved the sound of my snare.

My room is small and the two overheads I have seem to take care of giving the drums a nice cohesive sound as well as picking up the hats a lot better than I expected.

So much to learn. I really need to soften the room a little but I'm happy with the sound so far.
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