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Default Re: Should I buy an e-kit?

E-kit for practice at any time of day or night, priceless. Use them for gigging? Has its advantages and disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage to any e-kit is the cymbals. The drums especially with mesh heads are pretty darn great. They will or can sound just as good as an acoustic or normal drums. Ive used my Roland TD9SX kit on 6 gigs I think, maybe more. The hi-hat sucks, and the other cymbals sometimes dont trigger. Your sound guys and other band mates love them because they can control your volume levels. They do also play differently because hitting e-drums as opposed to regular drums and cymbals all your timing will be slightly off and if you have a hard tome adjusting to that then it wont sound very good. I was able to overcome this easily, but if you play a e-kit for a long time then switch back to a acoustic kit you will definately notice a difference, especially in the cymbal department.

As said above, if you can get a used e-kit, and they let you play on it a while to make sure everything is triggering ok, then go that route. Otherwise they cost ALOT or money to buy new. Been there and done that!
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