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Default Vintage Premier restoration-ish

Hi guys,
Sorry in advance that my writing is pretty crap but I thought I would give this a go.

A couple of years ago I was give a vintage premier kit by a guy who owns a rehearsal studio. It was quite a nice sounding kit, but was in dire need of new heads. I used it for a while but couldn't get used to the huge 14" tom i was using as my rack tom.

So luckily one day I was rummaging around the spare stuff at the studio and found a matching 10" tom. I asked if i could swap it with him for the 16" tom and sure enough he agreed. Now I was really happy with the set. As I like to have quite a tight set up, the small 10" and 14" toms worked perfect.

After a while of using it I decide I wanted to make it look a bit better, which is what I am still doing at the moment. First thing I did was to give it a new paint job. I removed the old scratched and worn wrap and found a lovely black stain underneath. Unfortunately though the ridiculously sticky wrap pulled a lot of it off so this was unusable. At this point I also noticed that the bass drum used to be a 10 lug and had been changed to a 8 lug. Who ever owned this kit before me really butchered it. Once I sanded it down I decided to spray it matte black. The result looked like this.

This is what I have at the moment, and to be fair, I am happy with how it looks. Also, now it has been completely re-skined, It sounds really nice. However I wanna do some more, so I mocked an image up quickly in Photoshop to see how it would look with some new details.

As you can see, I am planning to add new bass drum spurs, the logo, maybe a holz, some premier badge decals and the floor tom needs a new bracket. Other things I wanna do is buy some more lugs and claws and turn the bass drum back into a 10 lug. I may also buy some gauger mounts, for the toms. I think this would greatly improve the sound as the brackets are currently attached straight to the shell which is chocking the sound of the drums.

So let me know what you think, any ideas/ opinions on what I could do improve the kit.
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