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Originally Posted by aydee View Post

WOuld've been a great gig if you'd covered for me ; )

I very much doubt it mate, not if their main drummer was a monster. I think I'd be running for the hills too!!

That said, I have no shame, so I probably would have done the gig anyhow ;) After all, you are talking to the guy who very badly demonstrated a kit in front of Virgil Donati without even recognising him :(

On a related (running away) subject: Our band is starting to write original material, & I just got a recording sent to me by our guitarist. It's a backing track arrangement he's keen to try TOMORROW! The freakin' drum parts he's programmed scare the shit out of me! I'm thinking of hiring in an iron lung for this one :) 24 hours notice, I mean, come on!
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