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Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Sod the bears Abe, how did your rock gig go?????
Andy, you'd kill me if you ever saw me. You are such a supporter of mine, and I am so ashamed to even reply to your post.

I bailed - concoted a food-poisoning story and cancelled the night before. I knew eventually they'd be ok with it ( after all the guilt I got- of course that was coming -.. 10 phone calls, they'd send me a car, etc etc ) because their mainline drummer is a monster who could pull anything off last minute if there was any kind of hitch

I just didnt feel it.. maybe its the music, the people ( it was a bit of a jambouree with many 'guest' artists ), too much to do for just two songs, I dont know...

But ya, felt like a schmuck for most of the day. Dean ( the singer ) is a very classy, and courteous guy who understood & forgave which made me feel even worse..

WOuld've been a great gig if you'd covered for me ; )

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