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Default Re: Should I buy an e-kit?

~What Bo said.~

A e-kit will not help you with your tuning issues.
Some of my favorite drums are inexpensive ones.
Examples of inexpensive drum kits that I play are
Sonor Safari.
Ludwig Club Date SE Fab 3 2012 edition.
Tama StageStar entry level kit.
I have a kit that I pieced together with 4 ddrum Dios toms and a Pearl Forum bass drum.
It sounds awesome!
I simply installed quality heads on these drums and tuned them properly.

I own an $800 v-drums lite kit that I use for learning songs and personal practice
It is very useful for that purpose.
An e-kit with amplifier that I would perform with would cost well over $4000 and it still couldn't replace a modest priced acoustic kit.
I kind of like old drums:)
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