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Default Re: Should I buy an e-kit?

Actually, the correct answer for you at this point in time is "No".

Regardless of what kind of drums you have, proper heads and tuning is always a must. I have this feeling you bought some stock off-the-shelf beginner's drumkit and you don't know how to tune, or you don't know how to tune and it has bad heads (beginner to intermediate drumsets never come with good heads - that's how they save money and pass the savings on to you, the player).

In my experience, I can take any kit and put goods heads on it and make it sound great. You need this experience. Forgive me, but your post has 'beginner' written all over it, so I'm making the assumption that you haven't been playing long enough - because if you were, you'd know how to make your kit sound good, or at least work within the limitations instead of just writing the kit off as sounding awful.

I also think people use the neighbours as an excuse to get into an eKit. I've always played acoustic drums and my neighbors never complained. I was cool about it and never played before 10 in the morning, and usually stopped by 8 in the evening. And I would also go out and say 'hi' to them and have friendly conversations too - showing them I'm being rational about my playing, and getting them more on my side.

And the problems with eKits - you will spend more on the eKit and amplification than you would on a good solid acoustic kit with good cymbals. And regardless of what all the marketing people will tell you, an electronic drumkit will not feel like an acoustic set. It's a separate animal and should be treated as such. The fact that you hit it with sticks is about the only similarity to acoustic drums.

I'd also look at the end product - not alot of people use eKits on gigs, so you should play what you're going to use in front of an audience.

But really, it's all up to you.
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