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Default Re: Ever have an entire back wheel come off while driving fast?

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Thanks Larry. I never screwed anyone, I don't roll like that. No one is out to get me personally, but there is someone who wants to make my wife's life miserable. Which includes me by default.

Hopefully he shot himself in the foot, because as stated earlier, this guy used to prepare tax returns. Well someone filed a return for my wife's 18 YO son who just died in January from a Christmas morning car wreck. This guy had ALL that information about my stepson, he's the only one who could have done it, or paid someone to do it for him after providing the information. The Feds do not look kindly on someone preparing fraudulent tax returns, and also screwing with a government witness (which would mean my wife). So he is under heavy suspicion right now. How that will pan out....we are hoping this guy puts himself back in jail for filing the fraudulent return for a dead 18 YO kid. He had to time it just right too, the filing of the tax return. Just after he died, but before the government updated the records.

Baby monitors will be a great thing as far as me knowing what's going on in my driveway.
Crap like this is what people write books about Larry... Yow.....

Let me tell you, we just retired our Fisher Price Baby Monitors after an obscene amount of use of 4.5 years. Amazing items!!!!!
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