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Default Re: Gretsch Catalina Maple Snare head

The right heads (don't forget snare side!) and new snare wires can work wonders.

You have a wide range of styles listed. If it were me I'd at least be changing the tuning for the different styles, possibly mild dampening changes.

But there is a conundrum. At one point no matter what the batter head is it won't quite work either in sound or possibility durability.

For example EvansSpecialist recommends the Evans G12 and I believe this to be a good choice. However if you play brushes a lot (like me) the coating will be great but the sensitivity - not so much. On the other hand a G2 (one of my suggestions) or G1 would work very well for jazz and brushes. BUT - both the G1 and G2 heads might give out earlier if you go through a season of metal playing. The G1 especially might be one that you would need to dampen and would still give you the more attack based sound similar to the Power Center since the head is the same thickness (I think) sans the dot in the middle.

Point I'm trying to make is that the more you expect out of one drum stylistically, the less likelihood that one head will satisfy you in either sound or durability.

Not saying that some aren't doing something similar but this has been my experience. I have 5 different snares and none of them have the same head or tuning right now.

Just trying to keep it real. The heads I'd recommend would be either the Evans G12 or G2 followed by maybe a Remo CS Dot or Remo Ambassador X. Also the Aquarian Studio X (with or without dot) or even Texture Coated (both single ply) might work. I've found the Aquarians to be the most resilient heads although not always the sound I'm looking for.

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