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Default Should I buy an e-kit?

Hello everyone..I would like you to tell me your opinion on the following matter..I own an acoustic Granite drum set,which for me,it's not good at all..its sound (especially the tom ones) are really awful..So I was thinking of selling them and buying a new electronic drum set..but I'm not sure..From the one hand,an e-drum set would be usefull by the time I have problems with some neighbours and it would give me the opportunity to record our gigs songs by the time we already own a cheap console,instead of going to a studio and have to pay a lot..From the other hand though,I think about the feel that they say(it's not the same) and the lives we play(I will need cymbals and the bass pedal,or even worse the whole drum set)..So what would you suggest me to do?Buy an new acoustic drum set or buy an electronic one?
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