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Default Re: Help me Pick my Mics

Originally Posted by redline201 View Post
Can you recommend a better pair of overheads for less than 200 a piece.
Those AT-3035's will get the job done well for you. I reckon they will give you the best decent representation of your kit for the price. I'd recommend (if you had the money) the AKG-214's; they have a set pattern to them but boy do they sound awfully good. They give a pretty accurate picture and sound for their price. Highly recommend these!

I would also suggest putting a pencil mic right on the ride cymbal. This will help you out incase you have a rhythm that involves the ride to be prominent in your mix.
I like the rest of your list as a great setup for beginning, the only thing I would change is your kick mic; I would swap that for an AKG 112\

Hope this helps - Good luck!
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