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Default Re: G1 on Snare Trouble

Originally Posted by Shedboyxx View Post
BTW - if that Amb had a 'dimple' in the middle, it was wasted way past when it should have been changed. I've never played a drum with a head in that condition that I felt could be used professionally for my work and I'm not the hottest pro on the block. Also I'm assuming that the resonant head is pretty old and worn out as well.

My .02

Just for clarity, The old batter head revealed the "dimple" after the head's tension was released - I try to monitor my heads pretty closely. While yes it was getting old, it had only been on my snare for 7 months... same as the resonant head. Like I said in my original post, the drum was sounding good. I decided to change it because it was getting a little beat up. And since that's the drum we all play the most I figured I would just make a routine change.

Hell, who knows, maybe I just got used to the sound degrading over time and thought it sounded good before. Maybe now it's just right.

I think I will spend some time playing around with it.

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