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Default Re: Can't buy Evans level 360 online

Might I also mention, until most or all of the stock of the non level 360 heads are gone and sold, this will be an issue with me or most anyone. There is alot of stock still out there, and until that is gone...well...

Honestly, alot of stuff being sold online more times than not IS older stock or closeouts, ect ect. Its just not cheaper because its online for that reason only. Musicians Friend, Guitar Center, Amazon, you name it sell ALOT of old stock. That's the online gamble, you just don't know exactly what your getting unless its specificly stated what it is.

My local music store gave me what they had and were able to get in level 360, which was 2 of the 4 heads I bought the other day, so I'm in the same boat. I would have obviously wanted all 360's but it is what it is....for now. Furthermore, the heads are gonna sound the same anyway. Evans have been making quality heads for years now.
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