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Default Re: G1 on Snare Trouble

Originally Posted by milesmetkodrums27 View Post
It's possible you got a bad head. It may also not be tight enough or stretched enough.
Come to think of it, when I seated the head there was almost no cracking sound when I pushed down. I even went as far as to place my knee into the head and apply all my body weight... 195 lbs. worth.

Originally Posted by milesmetkodrums27 View Post
I used to always tune to the same tension, but you have to learn to tune the head to the drum, not just what you know/think to be right.
That's an issue I'm having. If I get any loser on on the tension, the drum sounds terrible - like it's begging to be tighter. I can go about 1/8 to 1/4 turn higher and it sounds like I just shot up into the stratosphere.
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