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Default Re: Can't buy Evans level 360 online

First off, sorry for my delayed response to this thread. With the success of Level 360, I've been quite busy and have been away from the forums for several weeks. I'll do my best to address everything here.
Originally Posted by PeteN View Post
I thought I was buying direct from Evans....this whole thing is mis-leading and deceptive in my opinion. I will say this is probably not done on purpose but more a simple fact that someone is an idiot at Evans for not having different product numbers for level 360 heads which would allow the consumer to select an actual G2 Clear Level 360 head over the normal G2 clear head.
Hello Pete,

Sorry for the confusion regarding your order. The vast majority of orders placed through our site via the "Evans Store" are fulfilled by a third party. Shopatron handles the checkout process, since we don't actually sell directly to consumers. While we don't advertise that any order placed will come with Level 360 heads and the Level 360 logo isn't pictured on the preview of the head on our site, I can see where you may have thought that you would be receiving Level 360's. Believe me when I say that we thought out the Level 360 launch to the Nth degree to make it as smooth as possible. The best thing we could do was to start releasing them prior to any logo or packaging change (which is what we did across the board in production back in Sept. 2012).

The reason we didn't change item numbers is because this would have been a nightmare for all of our customers- they would have had to duplicate our entire catalog under new item numbers while continuing to offer their current stock under the old numbers. In fact, we'd probably all would have lost out because many would have chosen simply not to carry them due to the massive number of SKUs that would have needed to be added. In addition, many consumers know our heads by the item number and a total change would have added unnecessary confusion.

That being said, it's entirely possible that the heads that you received have the Level 360 collar anyway, even if they don't have the latest logo. If they're not, chances are that they're only one design generation old and should still function very similarly (if not that same) to the current Level 360 heads.

I invite you to contact me directly at if you have further issues or concerns. The last thing I want is for drummers to be frustrated (the whole point of Level 360 is to minimize frustration, after all) and I want to make this right. I hope to hear from you soon.
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