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Default G1 on Snare Trouble

I just switched out batter heads on my maple snare drum. I had an Ambassador on it which was sounding pretty good but was looking really beat up - even had a little 3 inch dish in the center of the head from being played.

Anyway, I got the new head on and tuned it up to where (I believe) it should be - never really had any problems in the past. When played softly, it sounds pretty good. But, when I lay into it, it sounds like I'm hitting the bottom of a tin can (...Doink...). I took the head off and put it back on. Followed all the right procedures and ...Doink...!!

I thought it may be my rezo. So, I played with that a little - from what I could tell, this head really didn't need any adjusting.

Am I doing something wrong or do you think I just have a bad head?


Thanks everybody.
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