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Default Re: Product review: Axis Sonic Hammer (bass drum beater)

You'd have the "old" beater then.

I noticed that one of my beaters seems to have rubbed "flat" where it hits (main pedal) too.

Sometimes it's "the little things" that make a difference. If you use a store bought patch, maybe try and make your own beater patch out of a scrap of a used head?
Maybe that will help with the feel (and your shin) over long periods. It also sounds great, like no patch at all.

I've done this for ages. I originally got it from Hunt Sales after seeing his bass drum, and loving the sound he got. I use a piece (3" x 4") of Coated Ambassador. I can change it whenever I want, and it brings back that "new head feel". It also feels great. I also bring a patch (with tape attached) whenever I have to play on a different kit. I tape it on, & take it off when I am done.

It's 10 mil too, so you never have to worry about going through a head!
I get at least 5 years out of a bass drum head (standard, Coated Ambassador).

Just a thought.

Have fun experimenting!
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