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Default Re: Product review: Axis Sonic Hammer (bass drum beater)

This whole thing started because my shin was getting fatigued on hard driving shuffle patterns on the kick. What I thought seemed logical....wasn't. Falling flat on the face again, but wiser for the fall.

My beater is from 2003 when I got my DW 5000. I don''t know when they changed the beaters. The front of my bass drum reso hoop is raised up exactly the same amount as my pedal lifts it up at the batter hoop. For head longevity. This requires the beater to hit it flatly though, which it never did, and another reason to try and re-think things. So basically I'm back at where I started lol. But I'm used to it and a bass drum batter head lasts me at least 2 years, so no worries. I'm getting the sound I want, the sound I've always had. My precious shin will just have to get fatigued sometimes lol.
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