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Default Re: Product review: Axis Sonic Hammer (bass drum beater)

Your other thread got me thinking about things on my bass drum as well.
I didn't comment because I wanted to see how it all played out, since I was late to the party anyway.

I wondered how you said you wanted (a must have) the bass drum almost "flat", but you have it up enough to keep the hoop off the floor so it's in line with the pedal underneath).
I get that, but wondered if it was one of those "things". I freely admit I have SEVERAL of those "things" :-)

The tilt I have on my bass drum is higher than most, but it brings the head and beater into the position I like.
I don't necessarily "like" the bass drum tilted that far, as far as the look, but it works (and nobody but ME cares about how it looks in real life haha!).

I (initially) thought you could bring the beater forward a little and if the foot board is not what you want, take the small screws out of the chain/FB front, raise the link one slot and put the screws back in. I think the DW pedal has that kind of thing for the chain--the Eliminator does, and that's what I did.

Anyhow, I use the same DW plastic beater you do. I like the results too, but I'll do you one better on the "thing"--I ONLY use the OLD DW bater with the more angled part going into the felt head area.
I heard and felt a difference between that one and the newer style (of course DW changed it!). I bought the 4 or 5 the shop had left so I'd never have to think about it again.
It gets a nice fat sound, with punch, articulation etc, etc.... I also put a beater shaft weight under the beater head. It's tiny, but I like how the throw feels on my Eliminator pedal.
LOTS of action, and I don't have to play the pedal hard either. I also don't bury the beater.

Well, you had a good experiment, and at least it wasn't a huge amount of dough... I have a couple of those too :-)...
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