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Default Re: Cheesiest Music Videos from the 1980s

The cheesiest video from the 80's has to be "Love Plus One" by Haircut 100.

The one where there is this little geeky singer, in a Tarzan costume that is too big, swinging from a vine. Maybe if the singer was a big muscular guy it might have made some sense, but it just looks beyond silly. And really, it has nothing to do with the song.

I've always disliked videos that have nothing to do with the song. The point of a video is promote the song, and provide a visual compliment to the artists work. So I've never understood why some bands/artists get talked into doing videos that just have NOTHING to do with the lyrics or music.

Of which probably the worst offender was Phil Collins "Don't Lose My Number" in which Phil parodied numerous other videos. That video must have cost several hundred thousand dollars to make, and does nothing for the song. The video has nothing to do with the song. The song itself might as well not even be a part of the video. And Phil is singing in this very serious tone through out, while the video is complete comedy. It just makes no sense.

But the cheesiest, worst video, of all time, is not from the 80's.
No, the worst, most cheese video ever is Metallica's version of "Turn the Page."
Take a great song, and make a pretty good cover of it. And then make a video that has NOTHING to do with the lyrics, that doesn't in the least bit tie into the intensity of the song, but have it full shots of a stripper working a pole. A formerly great band took a great song, and ruined both all in one 3-4 minute clip. All of metal and rock should be embarrassed for that.
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