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Default Re: Cheesiest Music Videos from the 1980s

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
As for my case for 'The Final Countdown'

Big hair. Hero shots. Stupid gyration. Band playing live. Screaming fans. Helicopter-shot footage. Band with gold records. Stratocasters. Big drum kit. Pyrotechnics. Lycra (Spandex). 'Woohhhmmaan' style vocals. Makeup. Sparkles. Glitter. A feeling of dread. Please make it end. The end is near. Time for the overdose.
Granted the song is beyond cheesy, but I've always thought that video was brilliant marketing.

You take an obscure band no one had ever previously heard of, from a country not known for producing rock stars, and you make it look like the band is wildly successful and give the illusion that this band is happening, and if you're not on board with what is going on, you're going to get left behind.

Sure, in retrospect, it's extremely formulaic. But when it first came out, it set the tone for how to break a band no one's ever heard of, and was copied by hundreds of bands later on through the remainder of the 80's.

That, and at least that video falls inline with the lyrics, which was tough to do, given the songs lyrics make no sense. LOL.
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