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Default Re: Putting myself out there ( uncle Larry, this ones for you)

Originally Posted by MaryO View Post

Met with the duo earlier tonight. It went fantastic. They gave me a partial set list and they are right in my wheelhouse (except for maybe the Lady Gaga - lol) They seem pretty laid back and it doesn't seem like their expectations are anything beyond my abilities (keep a steady beat, be willing to play a variety of music, have fun). They are coming to the house on Saturday and we'll try a few songs and see how it goes but I'm thinking this could be a really good fit. The boyfriend will have to sit this one out as this is an all-girl band, which in all reality is probably another plus for me. I'll feel more comfortable.

I have to admit, I'm more excited about this than I thought I would be. I'm really hoping this happens. I'll let you know how Saturday goes. :)
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