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Originally Posted by larryz View Post
I don't understand how 42 years after the band's breakup people still don't get Ringo.
Well said! Nor me...especially people who can play the instrument.

I can understand my colleague, who is a halfwit and never done anything in his life, thinking that Ringo is pants on drums.

I can't understand people who play the damn instrument thinking the same.

And I note the Lennon quote being traipsed out again...Lennon was joking. I believe he clarified many years later that he was joking. The Beatles did that...they joked around.

I often liken our guitarists playing to that of Eric Morecambe in the Andrew Previn sketch "your playing all the wrong notes", "No Andre, I'm playing ALL the right notes...but not necessarily in the right order". But I'm only joking. Why can't people understand this?

Lennon wasn't writing a critique on Ringo...he was making a throwaway, clown's, comment.
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