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Originally Posted by Otto View Post
Im betting you can do it...the question is do you want that feel re-introduced into your playing?
The honest answer to that is 'No'. Im doing it, because its the right thing to do.

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Oh you can, & with ease. Just put yourself in the space you were in when you first started playing, & you're right there ;)

Joking & chops aside, I will use this mini subject to highlight a general undervaluing of a feel for rock if I may. Abe's right. Because the mechanics are fairly easy, there's actually a greater emphasis placed on the dynamic, & just like any other feel element, it needs to translate convincingly.
Agree a 100%, Andy. I said yes because a whole bunch of people that are involved wanted me to sit in and play a couple of songs. This notion that its easy to come back to rock drumming or to play these songs, is an extememly false one. The groove, dynamics, power, honesty and really feeling that downbeat through the the throne and right up one's rectum ( unecessary detail there.. ) is something that you cant just pull off if you havent played that way for a long time..

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
You're kidding!!! Right?

C'mon Abe, just put "In Rock" or "Machine Head" on the record player, get your dose of healthy Pacey pills and go for the kill, don't think or analyse, just play... you know these songs inside out :)
Thats what Im doing today Henri! : ) Too little too late... we'll find out Saturday night : )

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Weird gig for you, Abe. How did that happen?
Its a singer I know. He's pretty well known in the gigging circuit and has invited a whole bunch of guys to do this tribute gig. Its a hired out reheasal space with backline, free beer, decent Chinese take out and a good hang, overall. So not really complaining.. ( except this nagging feeling of inadequacy )


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