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Oh, please ¿are we still arguing about this?

I have noted before that it's hard to tell much about Ringo's playing because he is turned down so far in the mix that you often can't hear him
I still can't find where it's so far in the mix. Please, check out your equalization, play on Please, Please Me, and then With the Beatles, and then Revolver and then Abbey Road and then Rubber Soul and then Let It Be. Remember: there were only four of them ¡he can't be mixed that far!

Ringo is a good example of a performer who did well for himself, was in the right place at the right time and has made lasting contributions to music and popular culture for 50 years
You could say the same about Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Bill Wyman(the Stones had no bass player), Mitch Mitchell(when he met Hendrix), Bob Dylan turning electric, etc., etc. Add the name of your preference. It is always a matter of being at the right at the right moment, the good Lord doesn't play by coincidences.

But in my opinion, and in the opinion of society outside of this board, Ringo isn't a very good drummer.
¿What society? Young people today is more aware of who Ringo was, what he played and when and with whom.

In my opinion, lots of people would have been able to drum for the Beatles with more verve and finesse.
Not in 1962 in Liverpool, or England, for instance. Come on, you really couldn't imagine Ginger Baker playing with the Beatles, do you?

Ringo wasn't really bad but I don't think he was all that great as a musician either. Ringo's influence as the drummer for the most popular band in history is undeniable but I find his playing - when I can hear it - to be bland and too simple. I realize my opinion is counter to what most people say when they express an opinion about Ringo on this board.
You can ALWAYS hear Ringo with the Beatles or after, just pay attention. ¿Bland and simple? With all due respect, based on your user name ¿what kind of a drummer do you like? It isn't all about technique, speed and decibels.

PS: please, no offense intended. Take a look at that guy that I mantioned in an early post, see what he does. He does Ringo, he plays like Ringo and by watching him you'll realize how good Ringo was. And still is, thank God for that.
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