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Default Re: Best sampler/trigger pad?

Originally Posted by Ellakova View Post
Hey Jim

I was a little bit confused about the Roland does not accept Midi sequences, what do you mean?
It's important to know the difference from a MIDI file (sequence) and an audio file like a WAV file. A MIDI sequence is just a recording of data reflecting a performance input on a MIDI controller like a MIDI keyboard or percussion controller. A device that can play a MIDI sequence must trigger a sound source. It doesn't care what the sound source is.
The SPD-S can produce audio by a playing the pads which in turn trigger audio the SPD-S has internally or on an additional Compact Flash card that's inserted.

I can also hook up the SPD-S to a computer (with a MIDI interface) that has software that triggers sounds (ex. EZ Drummer, Stylus RMX, etc.) and trigger those sounds from the pads on the SPD-S. I can also create a MIDI sequence in a DAW program like Digital Performer, or Pro Tools or Logic. Once the MIDI sequence is created within the DAW program the MIDI sequence is firing off data to either a hardware (audio)instrument with a MIDI in connection or maybe virtual instrument software withing the computer. The hardware/software (sound source) then produces the sound per the MIDI note number re: volume, pitch, timing, etc.
This performance - without audio - can be exported as a MIDI sequence in a MIDI file format. That MIDI sequence can be imported into any software or hardware that can play back the MIDI info. Again, those are just pieces of data without audio. Whatever plays back the MIDI sequence has to be attached to a MIDI compatible sound source whether internally or externally to make the sound.

Now if you rendered the MIDI performance to an audio file (WAV, MP3, AIFF), the audio file has all of the sound and the performance recorded and is able to be played back on anything that reads the audio file (CD, iTunes, DAWs, Samplers like the SPD-S, etc). These choices are NOT reading and/or playing back MIDI - at all.

Very important to know the difference. Yes the SPD-S can import and play audio when triggered from one of the pads. No it cannot import a MIDI sequence and then play back it's internal audio per MIDI instructions. Yes it can be triggered via MIDI FROM a computer running a DAW which is in turn sending MIDI messages from it's MIDI sequence out of it's MIDI interface connected to the MIDI In connector on the SPD-S.

Originally Posted by Ellakova View Post
For instance I have a similar issue with my live show, I play the keys and would like to be able to play/trigger sequence like a drum beat or a short melody while I play and let it play continuously until I tap it to stop.

Can I do this, if I have wav files? Like here is one of my tracks that I would like to play live, there are many layers and in order to do so I need to trigger them at the right moment.

Would really help if the Roland is the best sampler for me?
The short answer is yes you can do what you want as described. You would create a loop for each different 'layer' by recording audio. You would import it via a Compact Flash card ( you need a USB CF reader/writer for the computer the audio is located on too) You then would assign it to a pad in a patch. You can set the pad to start or stop the loop every time you hit it. just like working with a looper device, you have to play the pads in time if you want them to line up time/groove wise.

There's also a feature called 'Mute Groups' that you should look at in case you need it. It basically means when you hit one pad it silences any other pads in the mute group.

If you haven't downloaded the SPD-S PDF manual yet, I'd suggest you do that. It's free at Roland's website

BTW: If you want the SPD-S you'll have to buy used. Otherwise the newer SPD-SX is on the market.

Once again - make sure you know the difference from an audio loop and a MIDI sequence. You won't get this unless you do.


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