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Originally Posted by inneedofgrace View Post
So sorry to hear this. Just one round of chemo and radiation (simultaneous) was enough to make me lose 35 pounds and almost all my muscle mass. It took me several months just to recover enough to get back to work. 13 rounds?? Wow - that was one strong individual. I hope others look at her as inspirational.
I'm glad to hear you pulled through, & I thank you for your kind words.

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
Sorry to hear of your loss Andy.I too lost a dear friend in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.A long time Boy Scout leader,Staten Island Red Cross and Alzheimers Association Chairperson and a Registered nurse.

I too, am humbled by her willingness to constantly help others,even though she had a heart condition.She suffered a massive heart attack at 72 years of age,while volunteering as a nurse at a local hospital.

If in the end,I can think of myself as half the person she was,then I will have truly accomplished something in this life.

Steve B
Steve, there's a hero around every corner. I am humbled almost daily by others. Stay strong my friend.

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
Andy, I'm very sorry to hear. Hang in there, man.
Thank you so much. I'm smiling, as it's how I remember her.

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
It's not a pleasant feeling to loose a friend, I just did so last year, leaves you empty somehow, I'm sorry for your loss Andy, my thoughts are with you.
thank you Henri. I know you've had a rough ride. Just wish I had bigger wheels & fatter tyres :(
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