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Default Re: Arky's DIY cymbal modification stuff

Originally Posted by Lovetadraw View Post
Ever made mini hats with these?
Sure, tried it a few times. But...

1) It's efficient if both cymbals have about the same diameter (for some more 'real' hihat playing feel) although if you're only operating the mini hihat with your foot, any mismatch in diameter will work, maybe with the splash sounds being less effective/impressive.

2) Cymbals that have been cut down tend to have thicker edges than they would normally have (after the lathing process). So they don't exactly behave like hihats when you press them together. Also, if you use pretty small mini-hats (like 2 bells) the splash sound might be somewhat cool but the overall level is rather low.

Rather at the beginning of my cymbal DIY period I cut down a pair of Zildjian ZBT hats from 14 to around 11.5 inches (from memory) and those weren't spectacular after the mod (well, were they before the mod? haha).

What I did most recently was creating a (practice) hihat with those 5 splashes which I just made. Those are ok for foot operation but too small in diameter for useable hihat sounds when played with sticks. Their level is significantly reduced, too - which is fine for practice purposes.

I also created mini-hats with 2 Meinl Thomas Lang Generation X signature crashes/rides. Those are relatively thin and the mini-hats were pretty low in volume. Again, from a practice perspective that's a good thing. I've sold them though.

Overall I think all those DIY cymbals are fun tools and there's enough ways to be creative with them. But apart from cutting them down to the bells anything 'in-between' is going to sound 'experimental', from ok to unpleasant (because of the disturbance of cymbal tension and improper edge thickness). Ultimately any cut-down cymbal should get some after processing to explore their full potential.
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