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Originally Posted by doublestrokeroll
Jeff was one of the best and most innovative drummers of his time, he was taken way too soon. His playing looked so effortless. Eric Clapton gained the reputation as "slowhand" because he would seemingly make notes you never saw his hands produce. Jeff was the same way.
on the Hal Leonard thing, Jeff talked about how he ripped off Bonham for "Rosanna".

Listening to "Rosanna" as I type--- the ghost notes tha Bonham did....Jeff took to an entirely new and frightening level of "cool". I'll never 'get' that... I found out the title track/opening jam is "Corbit Van Brauer" and is a David Garfield composition (much as is Creature Stomp" at the end.

Once Porcaro got going on "Corbit..." the rack toms never stopped moving. Somewhere (I think in the Liner Notes for "Tribute to Jeff"), Keltner mentions this instructional and makes the statement that he (Keltner) could barely contain himself watching that--that Jeff's right wrist just floored him. If KELTNER said that about his best friend.... where's that leave the rest of us (beginners or otherwise?).

And the most hilarious thing on the entire DVD for me--is the Shuffle Example (the 2nd one); I fault MIKE PORCARO for that down-and-dirty, slinky groove that Jeff just ran with.
Quiet 601's for the first couple bars of that, and then Porcaro goes from all over the Ride --reaching over and just smacks the hats like "Wake up!!!!" And, man DID they.

He was known for the Shuffle groove he couldn't RUN from....but two other things about Jeff that will always be what I listen for as identifiers: That silky/sexy hi hat and a right foot from the Nether Regions..... all on his toes; I guess that came from (as he put it on the vid) "not being able to reach (Dad's) pedals". That 18x22" took the brunt of some classy footwork. It's a joy to watch that.... just to sit and say to myself, "Just remember, he played for a LONG. TIME goin' to get that good....this won't happen over night....Be patient!"

Jeff had decades of playing kit.... I'm just starting. I have to remember the difference is I've had 30 years on KEYS. Phrasing is still Phrasing and he makes that plainly evident
with the work on those toms during "Corbit Van Brauer" and a couple other things in the video. A blast to watch....and learn...and remember just what sort of Giant that guy was.

(And still is).
Thank GOD tape doesn't lie.

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