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So my buddy Todd called me and said "Hey, do you want a drum kit?" and I figured "Why not?". I drove out to his ranch in Temecula and he gave me a 1961 Ludwig Super Classic in Blue Oyster Pearl - along with a 1961 Ludwig Supraphonic and a set of '61 Zildjian 14" Hi hats. The shells and hardware need to be cleaned up a bit but the kit appears to be in very good condition. It's been in storage for years - I started cleaning up the snare as soon as I got home. The kit has a strange relationship with me - I played guitar for years and three different drummers in various bands used that very kit. The kit came to us through the original owner (who purchased it in 1961) - who sold it to one of the guys in my band for a hundred bucks. The kit got passed around (for ridiculously low sums of money because none of the guys who had it knew what it really was) for 15 years until it ended up with me. I got it for free - I just happen to buy and restore vintage drums. I'm pretty good at what I do - when I saw these, I was astonished. They really just need a good cleaning and new heads. This is an amazing gift - I almost felt guilty taking it home. The only condition was that I never get rid of them - and I won't! I'll post more pics when I'm finished restoring them. No pics of the floor tom cause my camera battery died. Also, my camera sucks.
The first pic is the date stamp inside the bass shell - 'APR 13 1961'
The 2nd pic is the inside of the bass shell (I forgot to take pics of the outside! I will soon.)
The 3rd pic is the badge on the snare.
The 4th pic is another view of the snare.
The 5th pic is of the tom.
Sizes - 22X14, 16X16, 13X9, 14X5

So my question is: What heads should I use for an 'authentic' vintage sound?
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