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Default Re: Arky's DIY cymbal modification stuff

You can do pretty anything with it.

I've o-zoned around 4 cymbals so far (for various reasons - mostly to 'get rid' of cracks, and one time just for the fun of it). And a few holes won't even have a big impact on the sound. The holes need to be large enough or you'd have to make a good number of holes, even the sustain/level wouldn't drop too much. And o-zoning a cymbal doesn't automatically make it better sounding.

Alternatively, you could cut it down. The bell should sound fine - bells sound rather good even with so-so cymbals. Or leave some more rim around the bell so you'd have a large bell/mini splash - great per se or stacked (what about operating stacked cymbals with your foot? like some do with ribbon crushers). Just keep in mind that cutting a cymbal down will considerably alter the cymbal tension so it would tend to sound less 'round' and a bit harsher. In this case some re-hammering and/or lathing would be a good idea. (I don't have any experience in this regard and also no lathing tools.)
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