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Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Just back from the funeral of a dear friend who bravely fought cancer for 15 years. 13 rounds of radio & chemotherapy over that time, but for her, the last one was too much. I'm humbled by her dignity, grace, & strength beyond anything I can comprehend.

Band practice tonight, & for once, I don't care how badly tuned my drums are.
Sorry to hear of your loss Andy.I too lost a dear friend in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.A long time Boy Scout leader,Staten Island Red Cross and Alzheimers Association Chairperson and a Registered nurse.

I too, am humbled by her willingness to constantly help others,even though she had a heart condition.She suffered a massive heart attack at 72 years of age,while volunteering as a nurse at a local hospital.

If in the end,I can think of myself as half the person she was,then I will have truly accomplished something in this life.

Steve B
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