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Default Re: Picked up the DrumCrafts today!

Originally Posted by Red Menace View Post
Thanks Bo, I'll definitely try that. I tried a Remo CS on a few of my snares before and I didn't care for how it changed the tone of the snare. First thing I want to do is replace the batter with a coated single ply and then eventually replace the cheap plastic throw with a Trick.
I think you oughta' give the plastic strainer a try first. I had considered that at first, and then when I got the drum home, in practice it works out ok. At least there's metal where you need it. The part that's plastic is really just the handle part. If you left your snare drum out in the elements for a couple of years I can see the plastic getting brittle and breaking, but who does that?

You might find you don't have to invest in that Trick just yet. The one I have works great. The adjust knob is super smooth. But I thought I saw that strainer made by somebody else, and all the parts were metal. Maybe you can find the exact same one with the metal parts.
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