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Default Re: Favorite Song You Now Dislike

Hey Bo,
Just reviewed the posts, and was thinking back.
There are so definately ' why would you ? ' songs.
I hope I've never crossed that threshold.
Originals, perhaps is where the' note lust ' comes in. And then hopefully, taste raises it's head.
That being said; in charting the progress of favourite bands/ artists; I think that many players have perhaps pushed too hard in the name of progress.

However, if everything stays the same, nothing changes.
Another thread idea: ' Finger on the Pulse'.............who made a difference at the right time?
Take for example this: the Beatles. "Kind of Blue", Miles Davies.
I'm wondering how many songs/ tunes/ albums we remember would fit into the catergory of :
Holy shit, I was there then,when.
This underpins a part of me. Not only has that music become woven into my history, but with reflection, that moment has been acknowledged as a "Once in a lifetime"
I know I'm kind of 'slewing' sideways.
And yes,
Here comes the point.
The thing you loved that you no longer love. Or continue to love.................
Is still a part of you, or, has changed because....................
Everything that you've done/learnt since says it's dated, or, a classic.
Just kind of rambling on association.

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