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Default Re: Favorite Song You Now Dislike

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Yeah, I get it. I was watching some old Bugs Bunny cartoons that I swear were so funny when I was 8. Nowadays, not so much.
Aja may get old.........Bugs and Daffy? Never!!

Don't have a once favoured song that I now hate. Plenty I may tire of due to repetition or bombardment, but that doesn't extend to dislike by any measure. In the right mood, I can still find something good in anything I like.....regardless of how often I've heard it. Generally speaking, if I hate it now it's because I hated it then. Favourites have become favourites for a reason......even a bit of overkill is unlikely to change that for me.

If anything, I roll the other way. There's a bunch of stuff I once didn't like or was too willing to dismiss, that the passage of time has actually given me an appreciation for.
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