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Default Re: Favorite Song You Now Dislike

Originally Posted by 5678...procrastinate View Post
Yeah, no worries.
I think it hadn't occured to me until you came back with a reading of the music that, to be honest, I hadn't considered; that my affection for it was coming from someplace else completely.
You know, how things that we may have 'treasured' may not have been scrutinised in the full light of day; kind of a thing?!!!
Yeah, I get it. I was watching some old Bugs Bunny cartoons that I swear were so funny when I was 8. Nowadays, not so much.

But my dig on the college players totally revering certain artists and works, that's true. I've done gigs with people like this, and it's horrifying. There I would be at some VFW hall with a crowd who just wants to rock and I have a bass player who won't play low notes, or a guitar player who can't play 'inside'. I've had singers who couldn't swing the phrase "I will survive", and keyboardists whose only organ sound was that thin Wurlitzer church organ sound. I've suffered alot at the hands of these pretentious artists putting out albums full of fusiony fluff. I'd like a refund for some of that!
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