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Default Re: Picked up the DrumCrafts today!

Originally Posted by barryabko View Post
Hey Bo,

I'm not quite sure what you mean. Could you please clarify?

Congratulations on picking up your new kit.

Well, online price of this specific kit on their Australian webpage ( has it priced at $2100, or 2199, something like that. But I think in reality, it competes with kits like Tama's Starclassic B/B kits, which round out at about $1400-1500 for a 4-piece (no snare), and DrumCraft includes a matching snare. They're nicely built, and maybe they need to age a bit, but they don't feel incredibly rugged yet like my Ludwigs or Slingerlands - there's a bit more heft to the vintage drums whereas the DrumCrafts feel a bit lightweight. Like a fine acoustic guitar, I don't want to just pick them up and throw them around. But I could easily do that to my zep kit and not worry about it. I think once the DrumCraft shells age a bit (maybe in a few years?) they'll brittle up some and feel like they could take some bumping into. Because of that reasoning, I feel they're worth less than what they ask for them, putting them under 2K in price.
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