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Default Re: Picked up the DrumCrafts today!

Originally Posted by Red Menace View Post
Great score Bo. I'm going to pick up a Drumcraft aluminum snare on Friday. I tried it out for a bit and just couldn't resist. Nice snap but still enough ring for my liking. Can't wait!
Yeah, the snare I got is surprisingly good. It seems to hold its own when A/B tested with my Supraphonic and my Slingerland COB, and sounds different enough that you know I'm playing it (I can get the Supra and the Slingy to sound really close to one another, and that's good 'cause I love that sound too). I'd love to hear a metal DrumCraft snare, I'm sure yours will sound awesome. I recommend losing that head with the dot underneath though. When I put a regular coated ambassador on my snare the drum just opened up. Congrats on your score!
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