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Default Re: Best choice for durable preferably cheap stands?

If you're looking for REALLY cheap but very sturdy, I'd go with Sound Percussion double braced boom stands (boom collapses inside to make straight stand as well.) It's GC/MF's house brand. You can usually get a 2 pack for $70-80. I bought 3 2-packs on sale for $60! Numerous, positive reviews too.

They've been sturdy so far through several breakdowns/setups, although the greater test will be 2-3 years from now.

I used to have a mixture of all Tama Roadpro/Titan/Stilts. I let somebody "borrow" them for my 4 yr. drumming hiatus from 2008-2012 and they ended up getting rusted out. Didn't feel like putting in the time to clean them up to go with my brand spanking new Tama kit, so I bought these SP's on the cheap.

Looking to sell them "as is" just to get something out of them. I just don't have the time to sit there and scrub all the rust/pitting off. I realize things get scratched/dented but these things look like crap.

EDIT: here you go....on sale now for 59.99!
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