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Default Re: Product review: Axis Sonic Hammer (bass drum beater)

Originally Posted by milesmetkodrums27 View Post
If you're playing heel down, there's no way you can get enough sound out at an unmic'd show.
Sure I can...I don't play stadiums lol. Seriously some of the rooms I play, I am holding back. It's the rebound that pulls the round tone from the kick, heel up or down. And to be fair, the heel does go up sometimes, but it's down over 90% of the time, rather than up most of the time. I always have ample kick tone, in the rooms I play.

Originally Posted by Soupy View Post
Well, yeah, that's a pretty big caveat. Baseball players don't walk up to the plate with a drum stick in their hands either. Up to a point, more weight gives you more power. Lighter is better for playing quicker, not louder.

I didn't realize I would sacrifice the volume punch. I thought it was all about velocity. Now I know that beater mass affects tone.

What about the playability or feel, whether having the beater shaft parallel to the head mattered. Can you comment on whether the beaters met any if the other requirements you specified in the other thread? Other than the fact that lighter beaters don't give you the raw power you want, how did they work? I am a little surprised you're giving up so quickly, though. You can add weights to the beater and trim the shaft slightly, if the beater worked well in other ways.
Truthfully, the beater shaft parallel with the head did not matter for feel, I was more interested in having the beater hit the head on a flat angle, to save my heads, and for a hopefully punchier tone. That was the real impetus for a parallel beater shaft, longer head life, better sound. As for your question about how do they work....the only thing I can say is that they are faster, which I did not need, I don't do lightning footwork, and I didn't like it faster. It felt too easy and they didn't punch through like I like. If the volume was there, I could get probably get used to the feel. But it seemed like I was actually working harder....for less volume. That's why I'm giving them away lol.

The whole point was to work less for the same punch, not work harder for less punch. I didn't like how the adjustment rod hit the top of my foot sometimes, I play in socks. I did like how the hammer pivoted on a ball. Because if your pedal was on anything but a 90 degree angle in relation to your bass drum as sometimes happens, you could tighten the hammer just enough so it would adjust automatically to any wacky angle your pedal might move to. The head angle would adjust the beater angle. The damn thing just had no balls.
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