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Default Re: dw Bass Drum Riser

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Thanks gpxsrxracer, I have been using this lifter for over a month now and I still by it.
I also swear by my Camco pedal.
My jazz playing has never been better.
I can feather my bass drum like a wren landing on a telephone wire :)
I don't understand why but it is working for me.
It is the combination I guess.
Now you know why Tama bought out Camco or the rights to Camco's pedal design. That has ALOT to do with all of Tama's pedals. I swear by that pedal, it just works! Feels great, smooth and never lets me down. I mostly use my 5002 Turbo DW double setup, but when I use a single, its the Camco. If I had to sell a pedal, as stupid as it may sound, the DW would go first!
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