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Default Re: Renown 57 Bop and regular Renown 18" bass drum head thread

Originally Posted by Drumolator View Post
I use an Evans EQ3 as the batter head on my Gretsch Catalina 18" bass drum and the EQ3 Resonant on the front. It sound very good. Peace and goodwill.
Both heads is a good idea

Originally Posted by glwanabe View Post
I'm not sold on the EMAD as the head I would want to use.

I'm going to use Vintage E's over Vintage A's on the toms, and snare. I had thought about the same for the BD, but now I think, I will go with E's on both sides, with no felt or other dampening. This should give a good low end while leaving a little bit of life in the drum.

I'm using a Gibralter 4611 pedal with a replacement full felt beater. I may try a wood beater as well, but that is not for certain.
Please let us know of your findings when you change your heads...sound clips too, if you can. I'm really interested in the wood beater findings too. Could sound really good.

I'm re assembling my kick right now, decided on no felt for the reso, I used the stock supplied reso and put a 4" hole for miking. Then the EMAD. After I get it tuned and use it this Saturday I'll update. I still plan on getting a new Remo reso with the Gretsch logo on it soon. I had to buy a flat snare stand today, so like everything else, I need to get stuff in steps.

My guy at my music store told me as far as heads, anything you put on there that is a good non imported head will sound good, your starting with a great Gretsch drum shell design and that's the key.
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