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Default Re: Picked up the DrumCrafts today!

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
Yep - one experience like that is usually enough to turn most people a bit more practical.

Still - for someone who's rolling in the cash - why not, right?
Yeah, you're right. In this case, why not?

Now I've spent the morning cleaning up and tuning the DrumCrafts and futzing with hanging the toms off of two straight cymbal stands, and I got it working. These drums are definitely in that sub-2K range, and they tune really easy (almost too easy). They're light, which probably adds to their resonance, and the drum hardware is good (not sure about those tom arms and clamps supplied, though). So I think I'll go with the Yamaha double tom mount on the bass drum anyway. I think this will be a smart move since this company doesn't really have any support in the US, hence no way to get replacement parts should I need them.
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