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Default 7 piece Sonor 3007 with Sabian cymbals

This is my point of view... sort of. :p Really hard to piece pictures together like this.


8" HH splash
14" Xs20 medium hats
19" HHX extreme crash
21" Vault Jack DeJohnette 3 point ride
17" HH thin crash
19" AAX extreme chinese

I guess I'll be replacing the chinese eventually, it's just too loud and bright in conjunction with the others, which are all thin. I'm also glancing towards an 18" evolution crash to have a glassy crash on the setup, both the HHX and HH crashes have a certain trashy, smokey quality. Amazing cymbals though, as are the ride and splash. The hats are very nice as well, the only cymbal I've kept from the xs20 set I bought. I may get some 15" or 16" to get the edge closer to the snare, I feel like I really have to compromise when using double pedals.

Toms, G plus over G1
Snare, G plus over Hazy 300
Bass, Remo ps4 over(not really though :p) Sonor stock

22x17.5", 14x5.5, 8x7", 10x8", 12x9", 14x14", and 16x16", which is a Sonor 2007 since the 3007s were discontinued when I wanted a 16" floor tom.. Bad luck eh? Still sounds great though, and it's not like the 16" sounds out of place, even though it's birch instead of maple like the 3007s. It suggests the question, how much does wood type matter really? Maybe more on high end kits, maybe less on intermediate kits. I don't know...

When I bought this kit, I honestly expected more out of the build quality, the lugs on the 8" for instance are quite unevenly mounted. The hoop only works in one way so to speak, in order to get the holes on the hoop and the lugs to match. And this... Sigh.
Acceptable? Not really. Well, the drum sounds great and that's what matters.

In addition, I've had to run a sand paper on the snare to get it even, there were always these two lug pairs that were lower. After that fix, it sounds great, no problem with tuning. Which brings me to the 12", which has been notoriously hard to tune, but for some reason it only sounds bad when it's mounted close to the 10" as they resonate with each other. I tune them a 4th apart, should be enough I assume? Same problem when tuned a 5th apart though. Very confusing... But with this current setup it is no problem, and it's nice to have a tom to the left anyway. Some lugs on the bassdrum are also unevenly mounted, but nothing bad enough to affect the sound.

Despite these flaws, the kit sounds really nice and I'm overall content.

And some more pics with the kit itself graphically unaltered. ^^

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