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Default Re: Product review: Axis Sonic Hammer (bass drum beater)

Hey miced up, there's no issue, but I'm never miced, basically speaking. So I need a heavier beater for the punch.
Well, yeah, that's a pretty big caveat. Baseball players don't walk up to the plate with a drum stick in their hands either. Up to a point, more weight gives you more power. Lighter is better for playing quicker, not louder.

What about the playability or feel, whether having the beater shaft parallel to the head mattered. Can you comment on whether the beaters met any if the other requirements you specified in the other thread? Other than the fact that lighter beaters don't give you the raw power you want, how did they work? I am a little surprised you're giving up so quickly, though. You can add weights to the beater and trim the shaft slightly, if the beater worked well in other ways.
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