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Default Re: SPD-S vs SPD-SX

I only own the SPD-S and haven't used it as much as I should.

AFAIK they are both very similar in basic features but there are some advantages to the SPD-SX.

The first is the max memory: SPD-S with Compact Flash 512mb cards vs SPD-SX 2GB internal memory
Built in Click track. On the SPD-S you have to import stereo files with the click recorded on one of the stereo channels.

SPD-S has no computer connectivity. SPD-SX has USB connectivity for direct triggering vs hooking up the SPD-S to a MIDI interface via MIDI out. This is pretty significant for some. There's also mention of a 'Wave Manager' program for manipulating sounds on a connected computer.

Here's a good article on the newer model


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