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Default Re: Picked up the DrumCrafts today!

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
How so? I got the impression from this post,
that the main reason you got them was because of the price.

What I mean is, you didn't seem like before, you were - 'I really want a set of DrumCraft drums and I'm going to search for them, no matter how much they cost'.
It was more like - 'I found a set of DrumCraft drums for a really good price. I don't need or particularly want them, but they're a really good deal'.

I could be wrong about that, but it doesn't seem like it from your post I linked to.

Yeah, it was more the latter. I just wanted to point out that I don't think I've ever been a "have it all costs" kinda' guy. I thought I was that way years ago when I bought my first DW's, but I think that whole situation cured me of that (since I was so dissatisfied with the whole DW Experience). These new DC's are definitely worth what I paid for them - not sure if I would've paid $2000+ for them - they wouldn't have come up on my radar for that price - although a new Ludwig classic maple Downbeat would've.

And the Slingerlands didn't fall into that category, either. In Bermuda's thread about the outrageous drum prices, I see folks trying to sell their vintage kits for really high prices, and emotional ties or not, I don't have that much disposible income to spend $4500 on a 35+ year-old set of drums. I had seen these particular Slingerlands for a few weeks before and started playing with the idea of getting it in honor of my parents, and it just so happens they were the cheapest by far of any other Slingerland seller, and it fit all the parameters I was looking for. So that was an easy trigger pull. Talk about odds, eh?
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